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Bustin' Goats

Today I made it out to the theater to see the new Ghostbusters flick (2016).

fighting ghosts with the norse god of thunder.

I'm not sure what the popular view of this movie is yet, but I found it to be a fun movie where Kate McKinnon stole the show as far as the comedy goes. The special effects are quite good and the story is interesting. I like that the source of the ghosts bothering the city is from a human using technology to get back at the world and gain power for himself and not some ancient being or just general "people aren't polite enough in New York City" that raises the dead.

I think the only annoyances with the movie were that it felt a little crammed in there that there was a scene at a metal concert and they all stand on stage giving a moment where people in the movie applaud them. It's not quite as bad as in romantic comedies where someone will announce "my friend is having a baby!" and people at the other tables will clap for them, but it did feel like they were just doing it to have an awkward joke by Ozzie Osborn at the end of the scene.

It's a fun movie and I'd see it again as a rental. It has a lot of laughs, good touches of nostalgia (even though Bill Murray is getting harder to find entertaining), and excellent action.

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