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Dog Movies

Yesterday we watched Best in Show (2000) and Marley and Me (2008).

It won the Oscar that year for Most Dogs.

My wife dreams of doggies. Yesterday we did a double dip of dog movies. Best in show is probably the best of the Christopher Guest formula. My wife found the dogs pretty cute but I think we agree that Marley and Me is a little better for dog action and surprisingly is better directed and has bigger laughs. Best in show was a favorite comedy for a while and maybe the jokes and the format have gone a little stale after the many other incarnations of the same movie in a different setting, although they're all entertaining enough.

I never want to enjoy Marley and Me. I'm not the biggest dog person and I don't care for the tear-jerking ending, but it's a beautifully shot movie on its own. It doesn't have spectacular settings but the bright colors bring a sense of the happy life Marley has to the screen. I'm a sucker for Owen Wilson's acting, he's pretty engaging, but it's kind of annoying that Jennifer Aniston always get stuck playing a wet blanket movie who is frustrated by the fun that is being had in whatever movie she is in.

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