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A Carboard Fortress in the Attic, Chapter 8

Cynthia had nearly run herself flat into the end of the hallway after skidding around the corner.  Her stomach sank.  She turned, holding her sword in both hands in front of her and tentitively went back around the corner to face the dragon.  There were sounds of clumsy turning around in the narrow hallway with a series of loud thumps as she raced away.  By the time she was back around the corner it was stalking her with careful steps ducking its head down.


No! Bad! Bad!  Cynthia waved her sword defensively.


The dragon showed its teeth.  Cynthia flinched. And then… there was a small pop noise and a puff of blue smoke behind the dragon.  The beast stopped advancing, its ears perked up.  Cynthia was momentarily blinded by the white light that flashed like an explosion.  She dropped her sword and rubbed her eyes until the orange spots faded away. There was a loud tumble and thud.  When she opened her eyes the dragon was just a lifeless body and something small was moving behind it.


Peering over the papier mache carcass she saw a little black cat looking back at her with friendly yellow eyes.  What the… how did you get in my house?  Well… the magical stuff… aren’t you a handsome fella?  She smiled.


Meow! Wahwah meow! The black cat rubbed the side of its body against the wall.


Cynthia tried to get around the dragon but the cat turned and trotted the other way.  The cat looked back, gave a short meowp then disappeared in a small pop sound and blue smoke.


Wait!  How did you leave!?!  Cynthia hardly realized she was clutching her pen.  She went to rub her forehead and dropped the pen.  It tapped against the floor.  Huh, she looked at the pen, the magical stuff…  She picked it up and looked at the wall.

How about a door? She smiled and drew a door on the cardboard.  She reached to turn the doorknob and stepped through.  Interesting, she continued through a vast hall with cardboard pillars in all directions.  Chung Chung, sounded directly ahead of her.

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