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Part Five

Letters From Dreamy Draw

Robert had forgotten to breathe.  

Dear Robert, my back is still sore from dragging the bodies from deep in the valley the other night…

“Already read it.”


Robert huffed and tossed the letter aside. He grabbed the next envelope and ripped it open. The postcard was a picture of a coiled rattlesnake. “Don’t feed the animals!”

Dear Robert, It’s all gone, and I don’t know what to trust of my memories of the last few days.  No one seemed to notice the great commotion of the crash as it happened. I think the sound and the light were both blocked by Squaw Peak, the mountain that hides Uncle Ralph’s house from the rest of town.


Last night I had a strange dream that the bodies in the icebox were alive and had things to show me. They walked me through their reality warping spaceship. It had some kind of magic-like power to jump through dimensions to travel not just through space but between universes, maybe even through time. They showed me the world they came from. It looked just like earth brown land, blue water, great billowing clouds, but it had larger, more amazing cities like brightly lit mountains of metallic architecture. Their world slowly died when the air became toxic  they left in search of a new home.


They showed me the wonders of their ship, incredible life like TV screens that were so real you could touch what you saw, and a machine that manipulated gravity so they could walk on any surface on the ship. I could see the magnification of tiny robots smaller than a grain of sand that were able to make their food and clothes and maintain their spaceship just by altering the nature of their waste/  These robots even operated inside their bodies to fight off disease and keep them healthy.


In their attempts to show me more of their advanced technology and scientific advancements the aliens grew frustrated that I was only getting more lost and confused. They ultimately threw up their hands while arguing before giving up resigning themselves that I had learned as much as my human brain could handle. What they were showing me was at such an otherworldly complexity so beyond my understanding that I was getting lightheaded.


It’s still a little hard to piece together what my impressions were in the middle of it all. My surroundings started changing from solid then warping into liquid, gas, and back to solid in what must have been their attempt to take me into an understanding something well beyond my comprehension. They were doing something to try to create connection of understanding in my head on a psychic level that was still too confused to keep it all from getting obtuse. They seemed to bicker with each other trying to find ways to get me to understand the significance of their wonders. That’s when I woke up in a jolt.


It was just before sunrise when I went to check the icebox. There they were, three little frozen bodies staring motionless up at me. Heck, everything has been so crazy here I’m willing to say it really happened. I have a hard enough time saying anything else happened…

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