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Hellboy Discussion

I recently watched Hellboy (2004) and I'll hopefully post reactions from other people as a bit of a Movie Club film discussion, kind of like a book club that only takes a couple hours to catch up on the content. Here's some bullet points with the hopes that they inspire some movie club discussion.

Classic objectification of a hell demon crimefighter by showing them pose with their butt out and looking back with a "come hither" expression.

A few thoughts:

*** The introduction of the movie as a Nazi occult story line makes me think there could be a fun crossover or shared universe with Indiana Jones.

*** I like that the hero, Hellboy, has some deep flaws to make him more realistic(ish). He has aged to be in his 20's or 30's and has let himself go as a self centered slob.

*** He is also jealous and socially awkward to the point that even though he thinks of himself as the cool guy in the compound he still stalking the girl he has a crush on.

*** I like that Rasputon is a factor in the story, kind of wish he was more gnarly looking though. I do love the corpse that is brought back to life to help them find Rasputin's tomb, he's a bit of a favorite character.

*** This is one of very few steam punk movies that have made it to a broad release and the Hellboy movies are probably the best reviewed movies from that genre. It's too bad steam punk is better known for inspiring weirdos in strange hats to ride around on overly cumbersome bicycles.

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