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Honeymoon Catching Up

About a week and a half ago I got married in Arizona and honeymooned in Kauai for a week right after. Just before leaving, while flying, and once in our B&B we caught a couple of movies:

Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

Jurassic Park (1993)

Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows (2011)

Star Trek (2009)

The Italian Job (2003)

I wanted to rewatch Wolf of Wall Street after seeing The Big Short. I find it to be an odd movie because it makes me unsure if Scorsese is trying to say. DiCaprio has said that he likes the character he plays not just as an interesting character but as someone he did a commercial for his personal appearances for motivational speeches. It really plays like a series of events which are interestingly shot but seem loosely connected. The main character is the bad guy in real life but he is celebrated for not being punished. Yet, it's still interesting to watch, and gives an insight into how the market went astray as portrayed in The Big Short, collapsing on the overconfident personalities drawn to working in the markets.

The last time I saw Jurassic Park was in 2001 in a high school science class. I was shocked to realize I didn't like the movie on that viewing and that the characters and story didn't hold up for me. This was probably the case in this viewing on the airplane on the way to the wedding, however I was overwhelmed by how great the scenery and the score was. This was to the point that the score was stuck in my head for the next week and a half as we went to the Hawaiian island where much of this movie was filmed and saw a few of the key landmarks. I may have fallen asleep during this viewing because it was an early flight, but the score being in my ears in that state may have turned my old opinion around.

On our flight to our honeymoon we saw Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. I think each time I see this I'm surprised that I forget how interesting of a movie it is. I think one of the problems is that I mistake it with the first Holmes movie from Guy Richie. There's a little bit of repetition that I noticed from Guy Richie movies on this viewing. I really like Man From UNCLE but I didn't realize that movie stole half of a scene where people are eating in a public place, someone (pretty sure it's even Jared Harris in both movies) who clinks a glass with a spoon and the other patrons clear out. Both scenes are used in different ways but it was a little annoying to notice. Overall, the whole movie is worth seeing for the forest scene where the film is slowed down and sped up to show the main characters running from a big gun destroying everything around them.

We had a relaxed night in the B&B and took out Star Trek to watch. It's a mutual favorite of ours and one of our early dates was seeing the sequel in theaters. We saw it in IMAX 3D and we were a little late so we were in the front section to the side. We found it enjoyable but not quite as good as the first Abrams one. I had some issues with having my 3D glasses on my face straight so I had a little blurry double vision during the movie. It was overall a great time because I got to take my future wife out to a movie that had a lively audience and we both got cool posters of the Enterprise.

We also had a chance to see The Italian Job in our room on another night. Our room had a little library of DVD's the hosts must have gotten on discount, but there were a few little gems hidden in there. I hadn't seen this in a while and it had Soderbergh Ocean's 11 feel to it and it was a relaxing way to wind down our day and make a little dinner.

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