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Tonight I watched Spectre (2015). It was my second time seeing it and it was almost as enjoyable as the first viewing. The first time I saw it I was tricked like some kind of rube by the begining of the movie. I honestly was surprised Bond was the character in the second mask. I should have known better, but sometimes it's fun to be tricked. This viewing I noticed the music in this scene is pretty interesting. While out on the street we hear the rhythmic drums of the festival. When the camera goes into the first floor of the hotel the beat remains but the bass of the drums drops out and trumpets are the main instrument heard. Bond then goes into an elevator where the music is muffled but when he gets out we hear classical music on the second floor over the drums. Later Bond goes out onto the ledge outside the window where we go back to the more bass-y drums from the street. By the time the building explodes it switches to score music and Bond drops out of this cultural experience of Mexico City and into the main Bond movie.

I like that this movie has the playfulness of older Bond movies. It's fun that he lands on a couch when the building collapses and I feel like the airplane car chase is as spectacular and absurdly fun as older films and reminds me a little of the car chase in The Living Daylights where he drives on an iced over lake in a barn. That was my first favorite Bond movie when I was little and it was fun to get a taste of that again.

I like the main Bond Girl in this film but she seems like she would be more believable as a solo character. The two actors have a bit of an age difference and they don't seem to have the chemestry Bond had with Vesper.

This has better flow than Skyfall but just as many oddities in the plot, although it does get sleepy in the hotel where they find the secret room. This is a nice partner to the rest of the Craig Bond films, I like how Bond doesn't kill Blofeld at the end and not just because it leaves the door open to bring him back in the future. But it doesn't hurt to think he'll come back just as insane and violent as ever... and without using a plastic surgery look-alike who has not thought through the fact that they are being used as a murder decoy.

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