January: Snowpiercer

Welcome to the first installment of my 2018 blog series Movie of the Month. Here I'll get a little more in depth with movie reviews than I tend to get on Letterboxd. I might do a little research on some of the movies, get into fan theories, have some movie related jokes or just mostly waste everyone's time. Here, I won't restrict myself to movies I haven't already reviewed either on the blog or on Letterboxd. There might be months where the movie is a double bill of two movies that go together, a short series of movies or they might fit a theme for the month. There will be spoilers so grab on to your pearls and get ready for January's movie: Snowpiercer (2013). There was a rather cold stretc

Dad Blog.

Welcome to the Pete and the Little Guy blog! "'Daddy' was my father, son, please call me 'Mr. Father.'" It's odd. Bringing home a pet you adopt for the first time is almost scarier than bringing home a baby. A bit of that is that the baby can't bite and scratch you quite yet. For us, we had to wait almost a week before coming home because labor was over 24 hours and the little guy had to stay in the hospital with us for a few extra days because he had jaundice and we had to wait to get his blood tests. We were a little less prepared for how things would go in the hospital than having the baby to bring home, and our home was not quite as ready for us, either. It was the end of the weekend. My

Welcome to the Hall of Good Enough!

One of the things I get most excited for in the Hot Stove season of baseball is hearing the debates for Hall of Fame ballots. Whether it's Brian Kenny making his case for Fred McGriff or Gary Sheffield or tracking HOF votes from Ryan Thibodaux's Hall of Fame Tracker. I love when mlb.com writes articles about who the future Hall of Famers playing today are. Every year there are players who fall off the ballot because they were just below the vote percentage cut or they didn't get voted in after enough years either because their numbers didn't jump out enough to the voters or their campaign was not persuasive enough. This is a monthly blog to go back and remember the players that either weren'

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