Revenge of the Last Jedi

I loved this and I don't quite get why this would "ruin" anyone's childhood. I have to admit this audience commentary led me to anticipate a kiss between Finn and Poe or for midi-chlorians to be a major plot point, or for Jar Jar to show up for an explicit sex scene. Apparently it's a much more subtle slight to a minority of audience members that had trouble with the movie either because it didn't mimic the trailer enough, had too many POC or women or the women weren't sexualized enough or they thought Porgs looked delicious and they felt ripped off. Anyway, spoilers ahead! This may not be entirely in chronological order... The opening of the movie is filled with World War II battle themes.

The Grand '07, '12 and '17 in Film Project

Here we are reviewing movies from 2007, 2012, and 2017 to give a little context. This is to see if the movies of not so long ago stand up to what they seemed to be at the time. This is to see how their popularity has lasted beyond the year that they came out, if they made an impact on movies to come and if that impact makes them better or worse. Here is a collection of the posts and nominations we would give to these movies should they get an award for five or ten year hindsight, as well as the movies of 2017. 2007 1408 3:10 to Yuma Noms: Christian Bale 300 Noms: Special Effects The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford Noms: Cinematography by Roger Deakins, Score for the

League of Ordinary Justice

Before I get into it, this is a good movie that fixes a lot of the DC cinematic universes's tone problems with Superman and Batman (Wonder Woman already excelled with tone earlier in the year). A lot of this came from Flash's comedic reactions to more serious characters. Ben Affleck's overly recognizable chin makes the Batman cowl useless. He could cover his whole face except for the chin and people of Gothem would be walking up to the Dark Knight saying "Oh shit, you're Bruce Wayne... you know, because of the chin." I've been noticing from some recent rewatches of The Town and Argo that Affleck doesn't move his arms when he walks on screen like some kind of alien pretending to be a human. H

Fly, Lady Bird, Fly

Ed Note: Recently my wife was able to make it out to a girls' night at the movies to see Lady Bird. Enjoy her review! -Pete. Wife Note: Special thanks to Pete for being on baby duty so that I could go see this film. Noms were a joint effort. I have a soft spot for movies that let Place become a character. If you’ve ever seen the movie Bottle Shock, you know what I mean: lingering warm-hued scenes of landscape interspersed among the activity make obvious how entwined the characters are to their place. Their love of it. Their context in it. Lady Bird is shot with the same attention to light and perspective. It's rich in saturated evenings by the American river and wide views of tree-lin

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