Star Trek Into the 3rd Best of the Timeline

After going to the theater to check out the new Star Trek movie we took a step back and rewatched Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) on blu-ray. My very first viewing of this movie was not the best experience. I was opening night and I watching it from the corner in the front of the theater, and the 3D glasses didn't seem to come flush to my glasses so I saw a lot of the movie in double vision. I think I left the theater thinking "that could have been good, I don't know." I do know that I have always really enjoyed the opening sequence on the planet with the bright red foliage and how it felt like an episode of the show. It felt like an event that could have been part of their regular missio

Baseball Notes: Meet the Mets

I grew up in the middle of a triangle of Red Sox, Yankees, and Mets fans in Connecticut and through the years I found that I really appreciated their broadcast team of Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez and Ron Darling. When I was in Phoenix, I actually saw quite a few Mets games and a few of them had some interesting developments. I went to one game that went into the 14th inning so they played take me out to the ball game for a second time. Another was Matt Harvey's mlb debut and he had eleven strike outs, a feat I didn't notice until I saw a headline when I got home (almost like the time Kelly Johnson hit for the cycle and I almost didn't realize it). One of the biggest highlights was seeing

Star Trek Minute

Tonight we made it out to a date night to see Star Trek Beyond (2016). Star Trek gets back to doing things right with this Simon Pegg screenplay that investigates the implications of living life on a spaceship in what feels like an unending series of episodes that grows tedious to action-junkie Captain Kirk. This sets up the feeling that they are living in a series and harkens back to the original show in which problems require the main characters to find solutions together. It's interesting to see the characters ultimately confined by lesser technology at the height of the conflict, much like Tony Stark having to be a hero without his suit in Iron Man 3. Simon Pegg drops a hint of one of

Fastball Not Found

This week I watched the documentary Fastball (2016) on netflix, that saddly does not have a post of wikipedia for me to post a picture from. This is a really interesting movie about the history and science of measuring fastballs in baseball. There are profiles of Goose Gossage, Walter Johnson, Bob Feller, Nolan Ryan and a look at Aroldis Chapman. Oddly, the night I watched this documentary Aroldis Chapman equaled his radar gun record of 105.1 mph, and set a new record in the new era of the stat tracker. The movie also gives a look at anecdotal evidence of the guy who grew up in New Britain, Connecticut who went on to pitch in the minors, excell for one spring training before getting injured

Bustin' Goats

Today I made it out to the theater to see the new Ghostbusters flick (2016). I'm not sure what the popular view of this movie is yet, but I found it to be a fun movie where Kate McKinnon stole the show as far as the comedy goes. The special effects are quite good and the story is interesting. I like that the source of the ghosts bothering the city is from a human using technology to get back at the world and gain power for himself and not some ancient being or just general "people aren't polite enough in New York City" that raises the dead. I think the only annoyances with the movie were that it felt a little crammed in there that there was a scene at a metal concert and they all stand on


Yesterday I saw two biopics about geniuses suffering from mental illness, Pawn Sacrifice (2015), and Love & Mercy (2014). I didn't really plan to see two movies that were so closely related in their subject matter, it just happened to go that way as I looked through the movies available on Amazon Prime. Love & Mercy had more of a popular response out of the two movies, but I thought Pawn Sacrifice was more interesting and had so many favorite actors of mine. I hadn't seen many of the more recent films from Tobey Maguire but his portrayal of Bobby Fischer was intense and reminded me of the few documentaries I had seen about Mr. Fischer. Bobby Fischer was a huge star during the cold war in a

With this post I intend to be less laz

Frances Ha (2013) is a movie that felt to me as though it had come out much longer ago than it actually did. This isn't because of it's black and white aesthetic but because I feel like I've been hearing of positive reviews of this movie so frequently that it seemed to be sitting in my netflix queue for so long that it was a forgotten pirate treasure buried under a sandy beach, whose X mark on the spot reminded me that I had something to get back to. Frances Ha is an interesting movie for its aesthetic, the things it has to say about 20-somethings finding their way in life and young New York culture. One of my favorite things about this movie was the use of time and place as the markers fo

More Than Just A Series of Nouns

Last night we watched People, Places, Things (2015) streaming on Netflix. This touching comedy shows that Jemaine Clement is more than just wacky humor of Flight of the Concords and witty, dry, romantic and engaging. He plays a rather sad and lonely comic book writer and artist (and professor of the craft) trying to spend more time with his twin daughters after his divorce and the lingering feelings he has for his ex. On its face this movie looked like it would have been a real downer, but the light and fun score, and the delicate touch of humor from Clement. He drops jokes into scenes and walks past them, leaving them to hit the audience like a time bomb. This is a very good comedy about

Getting the Juice Back

Today I navigated my early day trying to get the juice back in my car. I had to wait for AAA to jump my car and the repair place across the street to get a new battery in it, but in the meantime I was able to watch a couple of internet rentals: Search Party (2014) Elliott Smith: Heaven Adores You (2014) Search Party I had to rent this Thomas Middleditch, Adam Palley, TJ Miller comedy from Amazon. This is a pretty funny, over the top road comedy about a man who left his bride at the alter due to the insistence of his roommate. The former groom tries to win back his former bride while she is taking their honeymoon in Mexico but his car and his clothes are stolen from him and he is marooned

Baseball Notes: Rangers from the West

This weekend I made it to a Texas Rangers game as they came a'visitin' Target Field as the winning-est team in the Majors. It wasn't the fourth of July game, but military appreciation day so there was a pretty cool National Anthem ceremony that included the field-size flag and active duty troops lining the foul lines. At the end of the anthem there was a flyover of two military helicopters that was more interesting than fighter jets buzzing by because they dramatically made a turn over the field to give a better look. Shin Soo Choo shin soo chose to start the game with a lead off jack. He hasn't had a lot of playing time this year due to injury but in the last three games he has led off tw

Catching Up.

Despite a hiatus where the internet in my apartment was out and I went away on vacation, I watched (over the last week and a half) Hail, Caesar! (2016) and Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (2016). Hail, Caesar! was able to get a good Rotten Tomatoes score (as noted on the packaging for the Blu-Ray) but the judgments of critics were that it was a nice movie but that it should be remembered as one of the lesser Cohen Brothers movies. As a fan of older movies from the studio system, and an even bigger fan of the stories that came out of the production of those movies and in the studios. Hail, Caesar! is just a fun dark comedy that happens to have some pretty impressive musical numbers mixed in as scenes

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